The Medical Device Company was founded in 2004 to focus on the Design and Development needs of the Medical and Life Science industries.

Our clients range from multinationals with a need for extra resource or technical knowledge to accelerate a project, to individuals with a brilliant idea, but no experience in navigating the product development landscape. If you are in the latter category, we would be happy to send you a copy of our 2-way NDA so you can protect your IP while you discuss your idea with us.

We have a wide network of production and manufacturing technology partners who we have built strong relationships with over many years, and also a strong group of technical associates who contribute to the progress of our projects.


John Targell


Throughout John’s extensive career, he has specialised in medical equipment design and production. Working as a Senior Designer and R&D Director for a number of leading medical companies, John has been responsible for many award-winning projects. These include several patents for hydraulic systems and drug delivery devices and safety products. John has also played a leading role in setting up a mass production facility for safety syringes.

Teaming-up with Jerry in 2004 to form The Medical Device Company, John brings a wealth of experience, design skills and production expertise.


jerryJerry Donnan


With a degree in Industrial Design, Jerry has spent almost all of his career working within the medical industry. He worked with a number of UK and American Multinationals and UK startups, before forming MDC in 2004 with John.  

Jerry has experience in designing medical devices for manufacture by a wide range of production technologies,  especially injection moulding. He has also been credited as “inventor” on several patents, all in the medical field.